List of book reproductions relevant to all aspects of the Great War - from a Canadian perspective.

 "The following table provides a specialised list of all the Canadian digital publications which may be relevant to students of events and conditions which arose during (or because of) the Great War, 1914-1918."

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2nd Canadian Heavy Battery in the World War 1914 to 1919 - by James A. Argo (The ) CA0302
4th. Canadian Mounted Rifles 1914-1919 (The ) CA0385-DL CA0385
13th Battalion Royal Highlanders of Canada 1914 - 1919 (The ) CA0280
24th Battalion C.E.F. Victoria Rifles of Canada 1914 - 1919 (The ) CA0247-DL CA0247
42nd Battalion C.E.F. Royal Highlanders of Canada (The ) CA0281-DL CA0281
Attleborough in War Time - 1919. Written by Major J. H. Kennedy CAB0329
Bramshott Souvenir Magazine - 1918. (Published in England for Canadian troops.) (The ) CA0301
Brazier - 1 April 1917 - A Trench Journal printed and published at the front. (The ) Free Download CA0248
Call to Arms (Effective dates July - December 1914.) (The ) CA0205
Canada ("An illustrated weekly journal") - April through August 1916 CA0202
Canada in the Great World War by Various Authorities (Individually & Complete in six volumes) CA0039-S
Canada's Hundred Days - 1919 (between 8th August and 11November 1918.) CA0216-DL CA0216
Collection of Maps from the Great War (WWI) era. (A) CA0347
From the Rideau to the Rhine and Back CA0206
Gold Stripe No.1 2 & 3 - 1919 (A tribute to wounded BC Veterans.) (The ) CA0300
Historical Records of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders of Canada CA0375-DL CA0375
History of the 16th Battalion CEF 1914-19 CA0209-DL CA0209
History of the 31st Canadian Infantry Battalion C.E.F. Nov.1914 to June 1919 CA0207-DL CA0207
History of the Canadian Forces 1914-19 Medical Services CA0224
History of the Twentieth Canadian Battalion (Central Ontario Regiment) C.E.F. 1914-18 CA0369-DL CA0369
Letters from the Front in 2 volumes c1920 with Supplement published by C. B. C. CA0291
McGill University at War - 1914-1918 & 1939-1945 CA0211
Nova Scotia's Part in the Great War CA0204
Officers and Men in the First Canadian Contingent- 1914 CA0208
Official History of the Canadian Forces in The Great War CA0098
Our Bit & First Canadians in France (2 books- one autobiographical the other fictional.) CA0299-CD
Photographic History of the War - 1916 & 1919 CA0349
Queen’s Rangers in Upper Canada - c1954 (The) CA0392
Regimental History of the Governor General’s Foot Guards - 1948 CA0261
Royal Montreal Regiment 14th Battalion C.E.F. 1914 (The ) CA0100-1
Story of the Sixty-Sixth C.F.A. - 1919. (The ) CA0298
Trinity College School Old Boys at War 1899-1902, 1914-1918, 1939-1945 CA0102-DL CA0102
University of Toronto Roll of Service - 1914 - 1918 CA0165
War Book of Upper Canada College Toronto (1914-1919) (The ) CA0099
EXTRACTS (Gleanings) Download Only
Canadian Militia - 1919 (Dominion of Canada) from: The Canadian Almanac CAG071
CEF: 3rd Infantry Brgd. HQ & 13th Batt. Nominal Roll - 1915 From:Official CEF records CAG100
Collection of photographs of 72 Great War military unit badges CAG029
History of the Hospital for the Insane Penetanguishene. - 1914 CAG062
Honor Roll of the Canadian Bank of Commerce from the Great War CAG028
Honour Roll of Bank of Hamilton & Standard Bank of Canada Military Service in the Great War CAG027
London's (Ontario Canada) Honor Roll in the Great War - 1918 CAG019
Past and Present Fortifications at Kingston - 1914 (Ontario Canada) (The ) CAG057
Upper Canada’s Black Defenders, 1931, Ontario, Canada CAG110