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British Columbia
New Brunswick
Newfoundland & Labrador
North-West Territories
Nova Scotia
Prince Edward Island
Family History

Complete Book Downloads:

CA0156 - Early Days at Port Ryerse Download(4.74MB)

The story of the settlement and development of this Norfolk county town from the point of view of a descendant of the first registered settler.

Most of the book is concerned with the physical and social development of the town but towards the end Mr. Ryerse also gives us some interesting biographical sketches. There is also a 2 page map of the port, which is not dated but appears to have about the same extents as another early map we have seen showing the original plan for the town.

CA0248 - THE BRAZIER - 1 April 1917 Download(13.47MB)

A Trench Journal printed and published at the front by The Canadian Scottish for the Brigade - 1 April 1917.

We hear so many stories of troops being regarded as just “cannon fodder” in the Great War, and read again and again of the horrifying losses. Yet here stands proof that at least some part of the command structure regarded these troops as human beings having ordinary hopes and fears. This simple publication may be one of the first outward marks of a radical, and important, shift in military thinking.

News Clippings

Two articles which Madalyn Cheffar "clipped" from the Moncton Daily Times dated 15 August 1945, reporting soldiers and airmen returning home after WWII:

Soldiers Download(252KB)
Airmen Download(151KB)

Vital Records Blank Forms

Bob Geldart designed these three templates for transcribing Birth, Marriage and Death records. Thanks for sharing Bob!

Birth (Word) Download(28KB)
Birth (PDF) Download(44KB)
Marriage (Word) Download(30KB)
Marriage (PDF) Download(41KB)
Death (Word) Download(32KB)
Death (PDF) Download(40KB)

Canadian Census Blank Forms (no licence required):

With thanks to Janice Bolton and Muriel M. Davidson (major headings only)

1901 Janice's MSWord format Download(32KB)
1911 Janice's MSWord format Download(29KB)

With thanks to David Sharpe and Muriel M. Davidson (all headings)

1911 David's Excel format version 2 Download(41KB)
1911 David's MSWord format updated 3 Sept 2005 Download(74KB)

With thanks to Pierre Godin (all headings - bilingual)

1911 Pierre's Excel format Download(33KB)
1911 Pierre's pdf format Download(178KB)

With thanks to Earl Sande

1901 Earl's MSWord format (all headings) Download(221KB)

Provided courtesy of Archive CD Books Canada

1911 Column 18 Code-Breaker Excel format Download(106KB)

Earl's MSWord format Worksheets:

Earl says, "I needed a set of paper to keep in a notebook so I could work on my family history as I had the inspiration so I made myself a multi-use set of .doc files to use as worksheets. They have the year at the top right, then simply lines divided up into a small and large space. Each file contains one millenium, starting with 1000 and going through 1900 (which includes to 2012). Because I used the "Table" format, you can sort the page as required."

With thanks to Earl Sande

1000 Download(848KB)
1100 Download(848KB)
1200 Download(848KB)
1300 Download(848KB)
1400 Download(848KB)
1500 Download(848KB)
1600 Download(848KB)
1700 Download(848KB)
1800 Download(835KB)
1900 - 2012 Download(942KB)