INFORMATION - Coronavirus  (COVID-19)

 As a virtual store the current Pandemic has little impact on our business. 

 Our most recent releases are provided in the “By Download” format, where there is absolutely no physical contact required and so is, - by far - the best way to do business with us.  (It is also the cheapest and the fastest way.)

 Our traditional delivery method, e.g., sending you CDs through the mail, does offer some slight risk to you because it has to be handled during packaging and transit through the mail, SO:

If you decide you want a copy, continue to place your order as normal and, when the package arrives, we suggest you “decontaminate” all* the exterior packaging. (* PLEASE do not “decontaminate” the CD disk!!  It is NOT waterproof and WILL probably be destroyed by “sanitation” liquids.) 


Give us a call at (613) 692-2667 (EST: Office hours), or eMail us at: , and we may be able to offer to make you a downloadable copy of the product a.s.a.p. (We’ll let you know when you are able to order the Downloadable copy.)


Finally - and unfortunately - ALL of the upcoming Conferences and Shows we had intended to appear at - as vendors - have been suspended or cancelled.  We are sorry not to be able to meet with all our friends, but health concerns MUST take precedence over socialization and so we will have to be patient until the “All Clear” has been sounded.