The 2nd Canadian Heavy Battery in the World War 1914 to 1919 - by James A. Argo.


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Compiled and published well after the end of the Great War, in 1932, for the 2nd C.H.B. Old Boys Association by James A. Argo, this tiny book is a very concise account of the activities of the the Battery in the 1914 - 1919 period.

It is divided into four sections as follows:

• Record of the Battery from mobilization in 1914 to demobilization in 1919 including battle engagements and Battery positions.

• Chronology of the World War 1914 to 1919 and Miscellaneous Information.

• 2nd. C.H.B. Old Boys' Association Constitution and Nominal Roll

• Maps of Western Front and Peace Proclamation dated Mons, Nov. 11, 1918,

Within these sections will also be found Honor Rolls, Battle Listings, Statistics and the home addresses of the old boys current at the time of publication.

The Record of the Battery is in the form of a daily diary and appears to have been drawn up using excerpts from the unit's War Diary so that there are records of personnel events as well as movements of the unit as a whole.

The two fold-out maps measured approximately 27 in. by 18 in. and contained significant detail. Our reproduction of these maps can be expanded to examine the finest detail although some defocusing in the original of the second of the maps in the book does limit reading some of the smallest location names.

The Chronology of the World War is very complete and identifies events taking place within the whole Global theater of the conflict.

The Nominal Roll claims to be an inclusive list of ALL individuals who saw overseas service with the 2nd Canadian Heavy Battery during its existence even if they were only on attachment from other units or services.

Presumably intended as a pocket book it measures only 4 in. by 6 1/2 in. in height and has been made using a very small print. This has limited the detailed legibility of the pages somewhat although there is no difficulty in normal reading. We have consequently fully hand edited the computer read index of the book so that computer search accuracy is up to our normal standards, close to 100%.

This great book has been loaned to us by Marc Leroux. Marc has joined Chris Wight to undertake the mammoth task of making a biographical database of all the Canadians who took part in The Great War. This work will be underway for a long time, but the current data base contents have been made available and can be found at: Please visit their site so they know their work is being appreciated.

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