A Collection of Maps from the Great War (WWI) era.


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This collection of 155 Great War vintage maps has been assembled to provide the Great War researcher with access to maps which can be used to better understand and follow the geographical progress of the various military movements as well as the geo-political configuration of the countries affected by the hostilities. Above all these maps are all contemporary with the Great War and so use all the place and area names which were in use then, avoiding the necessity of remembering all the changes which have occurred in the intervening period.

The collection is formed in three sections:

- 47 of the maps (despite what the title says) come from a book, Map Book of the Great War, 56 Maps and a Diary of the war. The book is undated but from the fact that the diary stops at the end of 1915 we assume it must have been published in 1916. It was clearly intended to allow people to follow the progress of the conflict while it was still in progress, and it still ably fulfills that function today.

- Originally published in 1920 to act as a guide to people touring the area battlefields, the second book, titled, “Ypres and the Battles of Ypres” provides an in depth coverage of the fighting which swept back and forth over this area during such a long portion of the entire war. Apart from the 28 detailed maps, it also contains 161 contemporary and pre-war pictures allowing an appreciation of the total devastation the war wreaked on the area.

- Finally 80 maps have been extracted from other books giving the history of the war (as told from a Canadian perspective) which have been republished in the digital format by Archive CD Books Canada.

The contents of the CD have been organized in such a way that while all the maps can be independently accessed on an individual basis the entire content and structure of the two books is also preserved and they can be read, or used, just as they were originally published.

We have made all the text of the two books and the titles of all the maps simultaneously computer searchable and enhanced the search speed by applying our FastFind technology.

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