History of Brome County, Quebec, 2 Vol. - 1908 & 1937


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Title continues: “From the Date of Grants of Land therein to the Present Time. With records of some early families, by Rev. Ernest M. Taylor, M.A.” First published in 1908, but later updated with a second volume in 1937, under the same title.

Brome County, Quebec lies some 70 km to the East and South of central Montreal, with its southern border also being a part of the National border between Canada and the USA. This places it in the “Eastern Townships” a popular and agriculturally rich Region of Quebec. The other surrounding Canadian counties are (clockwise): Missisquoi, Rouville, Shefford, and Stanstead. There are five townships within its borders being: East Farnham, Brome, Bolton, Sutton and Potton.

In the preface to the first volume the author states that his intention was to collect and record as many facts about the formation and development of Brome county as possible to ensure they were available to future generations. His choice to publish an intermediate result of his efforts are made clear by his admission that he already had material he intended to put into a second volume. As it turns out it was just as well he did publish the first volume separately since we now know that it took him another 29 years to bring his work to a conclusion he considered acceptable, given that he was in his 89th year and his sight was failing him.

The Rev. Taylor not only researched for his facts in the conventional sources, libraries, archives, newspapers, public records, etc., but he also canvassed the population for written genealogies, being anxious to include the stories of the people as well as reports of more public events and happenings. In this way these books reflect the personal lives of those individuals and families living in the area, perhaps even more that the historic events.

This is a prodigious assembly of the history of one of Canada’s older settlements and should be a gold mine to anyone researching, not only the history of Brome county and the Eastern Townships, but also the State of New Hampshire where many of the first settlers came from having been displaced as a result of the American Revolutionary war. The text of both books is fully computer searchable simultaneously and the search speed is enhanced by our FastFind technology.

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