Historic Caughnawaga by E. J. Devine, S.J. published 1922. (by Download)


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ABOUT THIS DESCRIPTION: It is our habit to provide a book description which allows you to understand the topics a book covers, its “style,” and the degree of detail it provides. We frequently encounter difficulty in achieving this within a reasonable length of text. In this book’s case the book provided detailed descriptions of:

• European Colonial Exploration in North America,
• The History & Behavior of existing Aboriginals,
• Details of Social, Religious & Military Interactions between the various colinization groups,
• The Impact of both offshore and local Nationalistic confrontations on the local relationships,
and in many instances,
• The influence various individuals had on some important relationships.

This has proved beyond our ability to distill into the space available. For the present purposes perhaps this opening paragraph will entice you to take the time to read our more complete description HERE.


"The author of this book E. J. Devine, S.J., was a noted expert in Canadian history and by his association, could be expected to display the actions of the “Society of Jesuits” in a favorable light. However, there is NO SUCH influence obvious in this very detailed history of the subject group of Indians. In fact, he prefers to simply display the facts of the history of events (providing suitable citations) and to leave the reader to draw their own conclusions. It must be admitted that this does not make this an easy book to read, BUT it probably will surprise many readers who have formed an opinion of the events based on general histories presented from the more Eurocentric opinions of others.”


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