Australian Almanack 1831 (Mansfield)


Cat No.:   AU2118-1831:

No of pages in original: 291pp

Year published: (1831)

Author/Compiler: R. Mansfield

Almanacs are a valuable resource for local, family and social historians as well as for researchers in other fields of Australian history.

The 1831 edition of the Australian Almanac published by Ralph Mansfield was at the time the largest of its kind. Designed to be a handy reference work, it is full of everyday information, and it certainly world have been one to have on your shelf.

It is titled 'Australian', but it is primarily about New South Wales, it is divided into various sections: Calendar and Public Days; Local Laws and Regulations; Miscellaneous Local Information; Australian Agriculture, Horticulture &c.; General Information; European Governments; Colonial Civil Establishment; Military Establishment; Public Institutions; Shipping; and an Appendix which gives advice to new emigrants to the Colony.

Using this almanac, you will be able to find the answer to any number of questions such as:

• what are the regulations relating to ticket-of-leave for convicts?

• what date of the year is Low Sunday?

• in which county of NSW is Sugar Loaf Creek?

• in which month should a farmer be diligent in cleaning his maize?

• for what period was Philip Gidley King the Governor of New South Wales?

• who was in military in His Majesty's 57th Regiment of Foot?

• who were the list of directors of the Australia Agricultural Company?

• the list could go on and on ...

As genealogists we like finding out the names and dates of family members, but don't dismiss the social history aspect of it. Historians in other fields would already know that understanding the era gives us a far better perspective of just what life was our ancestors. This guide provides a wonderful record of life as it was in New South Wales in 1831.

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