Australian Almanac 1857 (Cox & Co)


Cat No.:   AU2118-1857:

No of pages in original: 298pp

Year published: (1857)

Almanacs are a valuable resource for local, family and social historians as well as for researchers in other fields of Australian history. Published by Cox & Co. it is titled 'Australian', but it is primarily about New South Wales.

It is divided into two sections, the first containing information from England on the royal family, the government, the army, Europe, the USA and more.

The second section contains information on government directories, laws, ecclesiastical, banks, medical board and medical practitioners, military establishments, ecclesiastical establishments, as well as religious and charitable institutions, schools, and miscellaneous companies from the colony of New South Wales. It also includes information on acts, postage rates and numerous statistics.

This product provides a great tool for researching New South Wales history making information that is difficult to find easily accessible on CD.  Fully searchable, this CD has been bookmarked for easy navigation, and pages can be searched, browsed, enlarged and printed if required.

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