A Biographical History of Waterloo Township and other Townships of the County.  1895


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The title continues:  Being a History of the early settlers and their Descendants mostly all of Pennsylvania Dutch Origin. Also much other Unpublished Historical Information, chiefly of a local character by Ezra E. Eby.


This enormous, two volume work is a treasure trove of genealogical information for the families who, after being twice displaced - once from Europe by religious intolerance and secondly from Pennsylvania for remaining loyal to the British Crown through the Independence revolution - finally settled in this area of what is now Ontario around the opening of the 17th century.


The first volume opens with a very brief history of the area. This amounts to only a little over 40 pages but is nevertheless separated into; Geographical, Growth and Development and Historical sections.  


From this point on the remainder of the two volumes is a collection of compact, individual biographical descriptions, each identifying - at least - the individual's parents, their spouse(s) and their children. In many cases there are also notes about their life and achievements.  


Every such entry is indexed and this indicates there are 8473 individual biographies, but - in truth - besides a few unnumbered biographies, there are frequently spouses named who do not get their own numbered entry. Frequently, the parentage and origin of these spouses is also provided meaning even more unindexed names. Perhaps most significantly the latest (and consequently most numerous) generation of a Family's tree frequently have no individual biographical entry. Overall this means that far more people are identified and named within the text than the indexing of the individual data sets would lead you to believe. Our guess is that there may be as many as an additional 10,000 related individuals identified in the two volumes.


It will be realized then that our presentation format of providing you with pictorial page images accompanied by a hidden, but still searchable, abstracted text of the pages provides the ideal key to unlock all the wonderful details locked within the four covers of this fantastic, two volume, work.


A passion for truth and accuracy will never allow us to claim 100% accuracy for our OCR'ed text but we do go the extra mile by hand checking the raw OCR result and correcting any errors we find. Plus our format offers you the in location copy of the text as printed so you can make up your own mind if our transcription is in error, if the original printing was erroneous, or if the author was passing along a pre-existing error.

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