Post Office Glasgow Directory 1875-76

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The Post Office Directory of Glasgow follows the format of many of the other Post Office directories which were published at the time. Spread over 1100 pages this is an important publication for anyone researching ancestors from Glasgow.

Over 500 pages of the publication are taken up with an alphabetical name directory and street directory for Glasgow city. Several thousand names are included in these listings. This is followed by another 190 pages of a professional directory. There is also 70 pages of listings for suburban areas as well. The final part of the publication is made up of the official Post Office information, as well as government information, Scottish peerages, local institutions, banks, religious institutions, charitable institutions as well as much of the usual information normally associated with a directory. With some many thousands of names included this is a crucially important publication of anyone researching family history in Glasgow in the mid to late 19th Century. 

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