Dorsetshire Folklore


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The author, John Symonds Udal seems to have been a man well equipped to write this book, he was an Honourable Fellow of the Royal Historical association, Member of Council of the Folk Lore Society and a Vice president of the Dorset Natural History and Antiquarian Field Club.

The chapters explain the customs and superstitions associated with particular days of the year, birth, death and marriage customs, weather lore, witchcraft, legends and songs, finishing with a chapter on children's games and rhymes.

Example: The nuptials of a quarrier used to be an affair of some pomp and circumstance, peculiarized by now obsolete customs. An anvil from the nearest Blacksmith's shop was p[laced on the line of route and the hollow of it charged with gun powder and fired as the bridal party went by. The rear brought up by several quarries carrying guns that were discharged at intervals as a feu de joie. On his reappearance the bridegroom was subjected to a curious method of extortion, the handles of a tool similar to a large pair of shears were squeezed around his neck til he cried, "Beer!" and then the whole gang retired to a tavern to drink at the young husbands expense.

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