Tewkesbury Registers 1830-39


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A fantastic, anecdotal history of Tewkesbury. The book holds many extras that could be invaluable to your family history research, including, a list of those who died in a cholera outbreak with details of the way they died, their address and occupation. It lists marriages and deaths, of people originating from outside the area, so if you're ancestor disappears but is known to be in the Tewkesbury area, try this book! It has a delightful chronology of anecdotes and news items, which form an excellent picture of life in Tewkesbury during this period. The index makes it easy to locate names, places or particular events.

This book complements the 1832 and 1835 Poll Books (ref GB1151) well as it has detailed descriptions of the elections, how they were carried out, and even who supported whom. Despite Mr Dowedswell winning the election, it's clear he wasn't necessarily the favourite choice,

"A most disgraceful outrage was contemplated on Wednesday, the day intended for the chairing of the (elected) members: it having however, come to the knowledge of the committee of Mr Dowedeswell that dangerous missiles and filth of the most offensive description, had been conveyed to the tops of the houses in Barton street for the purpose of annoying that gentleman in his progress, it was deemed prudent by his friends to advise him to forego the ceremony of chairing."

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