The Magazine of The Great War


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A weekly magazine in 272 volumes. "A standard history of the World-Wide Conflict, including eye-witnesses' stories of striking incidents throughout the field of operations".

The first volume was published in August 1914, and others as the war unfolded, through to its conclusion. "The 272 parts of The Great War will remain the unrivalled record of the most stupendous event in the history of humanity. Produced in the years of storm and stress, and often under distracting conditions, it will lack the poise and perspective of the cloistered historian's work, to be written a generation hence far removed from the passions and miseries of the events recorded; but it will at no time, near or distant, stand in fear of any rival as a vivid and fascinating pictorial record of the world-wide conflict".

This is history written as it was happening, complete with hundreds of maps, and thousands of photographs. It includes the land, sea and air conflicts, and not from just a British perspective. Much of it is from the German perspective, and much is about the conflicts of all of the other European allies, and of course, the part played by the Americans, Canadians, Australians and New Zealanders, etc.

Included is a 32 page index, with 5 columns per page of small typeface. A huge index!

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