Bagshaw 1847 History, Gazetteer and Directory of the County of Kent


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Two volumes, each comprising over 650 pages, on one CD. This really is a superb resource for those family historians with an interest in Kent. Each individual town and village is arranged by 'hundred' and then into parishes and it is incredibly easy to locate each one using the index of places.

Every parish and place is described in minute detail describing the history, topography and other more anecdotal items. For example: 'On February 3rd, an eagle, of the fishing species, was shot by Mr. Thomas Peake, of Cliff's end: it measured seven feet across the wings, and was a remarkably fine and powerful bird. On being shot, Mr Peake forced from its throat nearly two pounds of large eels, and it is supposed that it gorged itself so much, that it was careless of its safety, having been killed with a common charge of No4 shot'. (There is also an index of subjects so look it up...... it's there under 'Eagle Shot'!)

There then follows a directory of individual people in each place, not just the wealthy and influential but people such as farmers, gardeners, bakers and shopkeepers.

Using the information on the CD you can not only locate your ancestors but also you can build up a fantastic image of where and how they lived.

This really is a fabulous read and is certainly vastly more detailed than any equivalent directory of its time.

Quote from a customer: I just purchased the Bagshaw 1847 Gazetteer and directory of Kent on CD rom..... absolutely brilliant! My family appear as farmers and shop keepers, the detail is amazing. I don't even know of any modern directory which gives such detail.

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