Kelly's 1929 Directory of Manchester, Salford and Suburbs


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This incredibly comprehensive directory runs to approximately 2,800 pages. It contains a full listing of everybody in every street, lane, court, place and terrace, with a separate alphabetical directory of the names of private residents in Manchester, Salford and its suburbs. The Trades and Banking directories, listing people and their trades, are here too. Using this book you will be able to locate your ancestors, see where they lived and who their neighbours were. All of this will allow you build up a mental image of their surroundings and how they went about their daily business.

Hint for family history research: Look up every address where members of your family have ever been known to live, even in earlier periods - it is amazing how often someone in the family still lives there. Or..... look up members of your family in this 1929 directory, and then use the address to search in the earlier censuses. This directory will also fill in lots of useful background information about the places where your ancestors lived.

This book was purchased from a bookdealer by The Archive CD Books Project and is in urgent need of rebinding. You can't tell from the picture, but the front cover has become completely detached. Funds from sales of the CD will be put toward the cost of the book's restoration

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