The History of Scotland

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From Agricola's invasion to the extinction of the last Jacobite insurrection.


By John Hill Burton D.S.L. Histographer-Royal for Scotland. William Blackwood & Sons. Edinburgh & London 1873.


This is the major work of John Hill Burton 1809-1881 Scottish Historian and Lawyer who originally published these volumes 1853-1870 appointed Historiographer Royal for Scotland in 1867.


CONTENTS INCLUDE: The Roman period, The unrecorded ages, The early races. Heathendom, Early Christianity, Union of the Scots and Picts, Macbeth's reign, Reign of Alexander I, The Church, Treaty of Falaise, Death of Alexander II, Maid of Norway, War of independence, Robert Bruce, House of Stuart, James I, II, III, IIII, Regency of Arran, The reformation, Queen Mary, Organisation of the church, Regency of Murray, Regency of Morton, JamesVI, Death of Queen Mary and the Spanish Armada, Union of the Crowns, Ecclesiastical affairs, Charles I, The Covenant, The Commonwealth, Charles II, James VII and the Revolution, The military history of the revolution, The union, Queen Anne, The insurrection of 1745-46.

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