Suffolk 1568 Subsidy Return


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Upwards of 16,000 people are listed in this transcript of ancient documents. Practically the whole of the male population of Suffolk with a small sprinkling of women too, from wealthy landowners down to their servants. Effectively a partial census in 1568 with an excellent index as well.

The subsidy was levied at one fifteenth and tenth of moveable goods and chattels...... The payment subsidy was spread over two years and we have here the return for the second year's payment i.e. one shilling in the pound on movable goods and sixteen pence in the pound on the annual value of lands.

Using this type of tax record is very often the only way to trace your ancestors into this period of time. Another obvious resource is the use of wills but many, many ordinary people either did not make a will or the documents have not survived.

They say that there are only two certainties in life and they are death and taxes!

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