Nottinghamshire 1864 F. White's Directory


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A superb F. White's Directory with a detailed description and history of every place in the county of Nottinghamshire. Each of the larger places has a list of the streets in the town (not a street directory which names the occupants of each house) and a list of private individuals who could not be assigned a 'trade' plus a trade directory which lists all of the bakers, brewers and butchers etc in that place. The smaller villages and hamlets still have the lists of people and trades, but sometimes not the streets list.

The beauty of these White's directories is that they are so meticulous in their detail. This book for example contains just over 800 pages and an equivalent Kelly's might contain perhaps a quarter of that amount! All in all this is a superb resource for those with an interest in building up a picture of what the place that their ancestor lived in was actually like and also the history behind it too.

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