Old and New Rochdale and its People


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Published in 1881 this is a wonderful general history of Rochdale with references to many of its people.

A customers response:

I just wanted to thank you for the CD book Old & New Rochdale and its people by William Robertson. It arrived ..... a few weeks back and I have spent many entertaining hours reading through it.

It is an absolute gem for anyone with Rochdale ancestry, it gives such an insight into the people, lives, values and sense of humour of Rochdale people. Some of the stories and anecdotes are quite hilarious, others bizarre, but all give a real feeling for the time and place they were written of. As an added bonus there were about 3 pages devoted to (a) brother of one of my ancestors.

Just wanted to thank you for making this book available and so much more accessible. Keep up the fantastic work!

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