The Dublin Almanac & General Register of Ireland 1836


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Part 1 - Containing: The Calendar, Fairs, Post Towns, and various useful tables; The Lord Lieutenant & Privy Council, Household, and State Officers, Peers, Knights of Saint Patrick, Baronets, Foreign Titles, and Knights Bachelors; Law, Naval, Military, Police, Revenue, and Ecclesiastical Departments; Public Boards, Colleges, Library and Scientific Institutions, Banking Companies, Inland Navigation, Official Authorities of Counties, Cities and Towns; Benevolent and Charitable Institutions, etc. To which are added Lists of Both Houses of Parliament, The King and Queen's Household; His Majesty's Ministers; The Various Government and Public Offices in England; British and Foreign Ambassadors, &c. &c.

Part 2: The Dublin Directory 1836 - containing an alphabetical list of the principal inhabitants of the city and suburbs; a Street Directory (every street, house numbers, and householder's name, with occupation); a Classification of Professions and Trades; an Explanatory List of Streets, &c.

The Annals of Dublin - a history of Dublin from earliest times.

Also contains an excellent 1836 street map of Dublin.

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