The Bethunes. - 1931, (Ontario, Canada) by: Archibald Hope Young (Prof.)


Cat No.:   CAG123:

Content Description: A family history. Starting with John Bethune, born in the Isle of Skye, Scotland, in 1751, who had emigrated to North America (North Carolina) by 1775. This paper provides a brief history of himself and two of his sons who were also prominent in the establishment of the Church of Scotland in these colonies. Having been captured, as a loyalist, during the War of Independence he moved to Canada where his family “put down” roots. Also includes genealogical notes on many of his descendants up to about 1900 and selected correspondence by him and his son Alexander.

Gleaned from: Papers & Records Vol. XXVII (1931), Ontario Historical Society, Published: 1931 (The complete source document is available as Catalogue Number CA0171-31)

by: Archibald Hope Young (Prof.)

Size: (pages) 26, (download) 1.8MB

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