Early Records of Baptisms in St. Mark's and St. Andrew's Churches, Niagara.


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Content Description: The following are intended to be literal and exact transcriptions of record books found in the archives of the two named churches. They record Christenings and Baptisms performed by ministers working in the greater Niagara area extending out at least as far as Grimsby Township. We have divided the records to show only one type of event in each of three separate Gleanings but the whole collection is also available in the reproduction of the entire annual proceedings of the Ontario Historical Society under our catalogue number CA0171-01.

We have also indicated (below) the range of years when the events took place but in the case of Baptisms it should be noted that the age of the subjects could range well into adulthood. The individual records are:

- Baptisms in Niagara, by Rev. Robert Addison [1792-1832] 43p

- Register of Baptisms, commencing 29th June, 1817, Township of Grimsby [1817-1822] 3p

- Register of Christenings in the Presbyterian Congregation, Township of Newark, Upper Canada [1795-1814] 2p

- Register of Births and Baptisms, St. Andrew's Church, Niagara [1830-1833] 1p


Gleaned from: Papers & Records Vol.III (1901) Ontario Historical Society, Published: 1901 (The complete source document is available as Catalogue Number CA0171-01)


by: Janet Carnochan


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