The Mills and Gage Families 1776 - 1926


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Full title: Genealogical and Historical Records of the Mills and Gage Families, 1776-1926, 150 years.

In the words of the author, Stanley Mills of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, “The object of this book is to bring together, in printed form, much information which, if not preserved in this way, might otherwise in time be lost. It is fitting also that some one of each generation continue the story from time to time.

The dates given, and other information contained in these records are authentic and as nearly correct and complete as I could gather them; at the same time it is quite possible there may be errors and omissions which are more or less important and interesting.”

The book provides a genealogical record of the descendants of James Mills and his wife, Christina Hess, and of James Gage and his wife, Mary Davis, whose families were dispossessed of their rights, their lands, and their homes for supporting the Loyalist cause during the American War of Independence. Subsequently they were ejected from their chosen country arriving in “The Canadas”, between 1774 and 1787, that being the closest area remaining loyal to the British Empire. Although the Mills, Hess, Gage and Davis families had not known of each other while living in diverse areas of the US, they were eventually bought together when they arrived, as pioneers, to make a life for themselves in the Niagara peninsula of Upper Canada. Specifically in the area where the city of Hamilton was later to be sited.

The book is divided into four sections which cover the period leading up to, and closely following, the ousting of the Loyalists to Canada. The second part concentrates on the Mills family and provides details of each member of the family. The third part provides similar information for the Gage family. The fourth part continues the genealogical history from the union merging these families into a single line.

Well, written and amply illustrated with portraits, genealogical trees and family anecdotes this is an exceptionally clear and easy to read account of these two old Hamilton based families. As always we bring you a clear image of every printed page in the book and a hand corrected version of the Computer Processed OCR text. Computer searching speed is augmented by our FastFind technology to speed up your searches. The CD works in any computer capable of running a PDF interpreter, (Adobe™ Reader - free software - recommended.) No installation of the CD files required.

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