The Queen’s Rangers in Upper Canada - c1954*


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In true military style this book, written by Lt. Col. H. M. Jackson, M. B. E., E. D. (b1898 - d1961), provides us with an efficient and concise account of the history of this well established unit staring from its c1791 reorganization in Canada following the defeat of the Loyalist forces in the Revolutionary war and their subsequent expulsion from what was shortly to become the embryonic United States of America. The record of this exodus is made more interesting by the bargaining and arrangements made between the Company Ex-CO and the Colonial government for the whole group to become a part of Canada’s defences while simultaneously taking up their individual land grants made to them as “Loyalists,” and becoming a skilled labor force to assist with the general settlement (mainly) of Upper Canada. Lt. Col. Simcoe was not only up for this challenge but he looked on it as good training for his troops in their new environment.

So it was that the Queens Rangers became integrated into the very fabric of the growing population of Upper Canada and the book recognizes this by making little differentiation between their “Active” engagements, their “Sedentary,” or non-active, periods or the periods when they were actually stood down from military activities, i.e., disbanded. The individual members became widely distributed across Upper Canada but remained closely linked to the various militia units where they worked. In a series of fact filled appendices the book reflects this and makes record of lists of officers, commands, etc., and all the variously named Regiments, Battalions and Companies with which they had contact. Another appendix lists a number of applications made on behalf of various groups of both commissioned and non-commissioned individuals in various areas of Upper Canada.

Although distributed as widely as Kingston and Niagara their home base, and headquarters, remained the City of York (today Toronto) a location which ideally placed them to respond to the actions of American invaders when they declared war on Britain and carried they words into action by attacking the (still) British colonies “North of the 49th.” Activities which the book summarizes well. Further into the book their activities in both the Great War (WW1) and World War 2 are also recorded.

In any other format this book might be considered as difficult to extract information from there being so many historic “threads” running through its pages. Thanks to the search-ability provided by our digital edition however all the information related to any search term can easily, and quickly, be located and referred to converting this into the power house of information it can now be considered to be.

* There is no explicit publication date in the book so the date shown above is - we believe - the latest recorded in the text.

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