Historical and Genealogical Record of the First Settlers of Colchester County, N.S. - 1873


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The full title continues, ... down to the present time, compiled from the most authentic sources by Thomas Miller.

Thomas was born in 1803, and lived his life in and around Truro, probably the largest town of the county. Thus, he was well placed both geographically and temporally to make this record of many of the original families inhabiting this part of Nova Scotia. In his own words:

The author of the following work being now about three score and ten years old, and nearly done with the affairs of this world, having some knowledge of the first settlement of Colchester, the names of the first settlers and their descendants, especially of the Townships of Truro and Onslow, as well as with many circumstances connected with the early settlement of the County, obtained by tradition and otherwise, was induced to note down, from time to time, some of them, in order that his children, and others who may come after, might know something about their forefathers, and the hardships they underwent in settling a new country.

It was his intention at first to write only about his own kindred; but, having begun, he was led on to mention nearly all the Grantees of the Townships of Truro, and some of Onslow and Londonderry, with their descendants, as far as he could gather information. …

This book then is a powerhouse of genealogical information for this important access corridor to Nova Scotia, with perhaps as much as 90% of the book's text being dedicated to describing the many family trees while only the first couple and the last chapters are more specifically dedicated to a exploration of the area's history without relating it to particular families or individuals.

The author finishes his book with a four page index providing, mostly, a means to access individual family names. Having now the benefit of computer search-ability in this digital reproduction, we can definitely say that this was very much a partial index and that owning this digital version will provide a significant improvement in the readers ability to extract the gold from this mine.

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