The History of the County of Welland, Ontario - 1887


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The original title reads: The History of the County of Welland, Ontario, its Past and Present, etc.

Written and published by the Historical Publishing Company in 1887, this book is the work of many authors (credited in the Preface) who drew their information, and much of their inspiration, from innumerable sources, both public and private in, and in and out of, the County. The book is organized as four separate parts: "The Dominion of Canada," "County of Welland," "Townships, Towns and Villages," and last but by no means least, "Biographical Sketches." The sections on Townships, Towns and Villages, and on Biographical Sketches, together account for fully two thirds of the books pages, while the section on "The Dominion" occupies only one seventh so you can see there is a heavy emphasis placed on the type of information related to the people of the county and so is of great value to genealogists and historians.

The section on "The Dominion" provides a succinct and honest account of the struggles which resulted in the Canada we know

today, accounting also for the influences of external events such as, for instance, the United States struggle for their Independence and the "knock on" effects of Napoleon's war in Europe.

The section titled, County of Welland, is a more detailed account of, first the settlement, and later the development of this area of the Niagara peninsular, including - of course - the impact of the arrival of the Empire Loyalists. The section continues to review the influences of various significant events and the development of some of the important public functions such as Civil and Criminal Law and Education. A complete chapter is devoted to the construction of the Welland Canal, perhaps the most notable man made feature of the county even today.

As its title indicates the section on Townships, Towns and Villages, examines the major centers of settlement and comments on their development and their influence on the development of the whole County.

The Biographical Sketches are grouped by geographical location and generally, in the process of supplying an outline of the subject's life and experiences, it identifies the subject's, origins, their parents, their spouse(s), and their children - both surviving and not. As usual we strongly recommend the use of the text search function of this digital edition as the names of "married in" families do not show up in the normal indices, all the more so in this case as there is no index provided as a part of the actual original book.

This book is a must have for anyone researching ancestors who lived in Welland. Even if you are not fortunate enough to find a "potted" biography the richness and depth of background material alone will make this book indispensable. This digital edition provides a series of high quality images of every page in the book, including the 8 high quality portraits, but it is still fully computer searchable with the search speed enhanced by our FastFind technology .

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