The First Fifty Years of the Church of England in the Province of New Brunswick. 1783 - 1833 (by Download)


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by G. Herbert Lee, A. M. (Barrister at Law)

Published 1880 at the request of the New Brunswick Historical Society.

Written and published at the request of The New Brunswick Historical Society the author provides an invaluable record of the various individuals, and events, responsible for the introduction of the Church of England to the Canada colony and subsequently to its growth in the province of New Brunswick.

This history starts, in 1783, with the formation of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel, in England. The object of this Society was to establish Christianity in the emerging British colonies and territories such as North America and Australia. Thus the beginnings of the Anglican Church in Canada is interwoven in, and heavily influenced by, the growth of the (later) US colonies, particularly as a consequence of the American Revolution and resultant removal of dispossessed US citizens to Nova Scotia as deported Loyalists. The book explains and follows these tumultuous events and interprets them in terms of their consequence on the growth of the infant Canadian church.

The first resident Bishops of Canada are identified and their life and works are outlined. The book then follows the parallel growth of Canada and the Anglican church, paying particular attention to the lives of the Bishops and key active church followers in what eventually became the province of New Brunswick after its sub-division from Nova Scotia. The growth over the period of focus is catalogued, area by area, starting with Fredericton, and followed by St. John, Maugerville, St. Andrews, Kingston, Gagetown, Woodstock, Sussex, Westfield, St. Stephen, Hampton, Miramichi, St. George, Grand Lake, Westmoreland County & Sackville, Carleton, Bathurst, Shediac, Portland and finally Grand Manan.

The book concludes with an interesting set of appendices giving facts about the personnel and establishments of the colonial church during the period of the book's study.

A remarkably compact (145p) source of much information about the Church and its key personnel, made all the more accessible by its being computer searchable. 

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