Commemorative Biographical Record of the County of York, Ontario - 1907 (On CD)


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A gold mine of genealogical information about the inhabitants of York County including, of course the City of Toronto and its Home District. Assembled by the Beers Publishing company in 1907 this significant, and weighty, book contains the biographies (and frequently the obituaries) of almost 2,000 families from all walks of life.

The biographies were placed by any individual, or family, who could afford the subscription to the publication and who wished their family name and history to be perpetuated. This book contains 673 pages of text and 153 full plate illustrations. Having been written by the individual or families themselves the information recorded is as accurate as a researcher can hope to find for this time. This is further emphasized by the precautions the publisher took to ensure accuracy, vis. In nearly every instance the material composing the sketches was gathered from those immediately interested, and then submitted in type-written form for correction and revision.

The estimate of almost 2,000 family entries doesn't represent the limit of the number of people whose names can be found within this book. Based on a family history identifying four grandparents, a man, his siblings and at least one wife, with their union generating an average of four children of which about half are married by the time the biography is recorded, the count of individuals named rises dramatically to about 27,500, and this is a conservative estimate.

As well as identifying the immediate family to the subject the biography will usually discuss the subject's upbringing, education, business or professional involvements. Also usually recorded are any significant events in his life, his religion and his political and fraternal commitments.

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