The Gilbert Family History Collection - complete in 8 volumes


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This is a family history compiled and edited by Geoffrey Gilbert, and privately published by him in the 1950's. Mr. Gilbert adopted a somewhat unusual format for organizing his history by combining elements of both the Ancestors and Descendants methodologies and then focusing the histories on his Great Great Grandparents, identifying both their ancestors and their descendants.

By selecting this particular generation as his focus he allows himself to concentrate his history on the family's story within North America specifically ignoring the histories of those in Britain where most of the families previously originated from. This reduces the number of G-G-Grandparents for consideration, from the potential 16, to 12 individuals. This number is further reduced, by the circumstance of some of the ancestral unions, to 9 individual / family histories.

The set of volumes we have acquired actually provides the histories of only 8 G-G-Grandparents and our research has failed to show any evidence that the ninth volume was actually ever written. The identities of the 8 documented G-G-Grandparents are:

Vol 1: Nancy Treadway (1776-1865), of Colchester, Conn. and Mendota, Ill., mother of Nancy Maria Moffatt

Vol 2: Melvin Moffatt(1774-1857), of Adams, Mass., and Mendota, Ill., father of Nancy Maria Moffatt

Vol 3: Daniel Britton (1773-1827), of Westmorland, N.H. and Gananoque, Ont., father of Daniel Freeman Britton

Vol 4: Sally Wood (1780-1862), of Westermorland N.H. and St. Lawrence, N.Y., mother of Daniel Freeman Britton

Vol 5: William Forbes (1778-1833) of Barre, Mass., and Montreal Que., father of Eliza Forbes.

(The genealogy of William's wife, Submit Phillips, would have been in the missing 9th - Phillips - volume.)

Vol 6: Ezra Holton (1785-1858), of Northfield Mass., and Soperton, Ont., father of Luther Hamilton Holton.

(The genealogy of Ezra's wife, Anner Phillips Holton, would have been in the missing 9th - Phillips - volume)

Vol 7: Solomon Gilbert (1755-1829) of Pomfret, Conn. and Montreal, Que., father of Moses Haskell Gilbert

Vol 8: Thankful Haskell (1745-1841) of Hardwick, Vermont and Montreal Que., mother of Moses Haskell Gilbert.

This set of volumes is an amazing power house of facts and details about the individuals in these old North American families, genealogically related through the author. As can be seen from the dates and locations for the subjects for whom the 8 volumes are named the history encompasses some of the most momentous events shaping the political landscape of North America on both the American and Canadian side of the border. The descendants part of the histories carries forward to be close to contemporary with their publication in the 1950's. The ancestors part traces the lines back to Europe (mostly Gt. Britain) for as far as the researchers could find records.

As the common link in all the volumes lies only in Geoffrey Gilbert and his family it is unlikely that many readers will need to refer to all of the 8 volumes so we are offering them as 5 CDs containing, respectively Vol. 1&2 (as suffix A); Vol. 3&4 (as suffix B); Vol. 5 (as suffix C): Vol. 6 (as suffix D); and Vol. 7 & 8 (as suffix E). We are also offering a compilation of all eight volumes (as suffix S.) This organization follows that decided on, and as implemented by, the author in his original release.

As well as the basic factual and vital information the volumes also give many personal details and anecdotes about the family members. Some of this information is full enough to warrant its being included as a separate appendix to the volume. Each volume also contains an Ancestors chart, some extremely detailed, while some contain sketch maps to help with the family settlement locations.

The whole text of all volumes is fully text searchable and has been further enhanced for almost instantaneous searches with our FastFind enhancement technology.

As usual you will find a sampler made from pages from all 8 volumes as a free download from our web site so you can browse the content of the CD before you buy. The sampler contains not only representative pages but also the contents pages for all the volumes so you can see all the ancestral family names.

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