Saskatoon Telephone Directory, 1944 (Residental and Business directory)


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A standard subscriber issue telephone directory for both metropolitan and rural Saskatoon for February 1944. Rural districts include the hamlets of Cheviot, Clark’s Crossing, Floral, Pike Lake and Warman. In addition to the subscriber’s name their address and the type of address, i.e., residence, business, etc. is given.

As usual the pages of the directory are liberally sprinkled with local advertising but the 24 page Classified Business Directory at the rear of the book is a bonus directory of Saskatoon industry.

As a directory all entries are alphabetized so finding a name is a simple matter of paging

through. Never the less we have made the whole directory computer searchable and then enhanced the search-ability with our FastFind technology. This will allow you to use advanced search techniques such as, for instance, identifying all the people subscribed on a single road, or all the “plumbers,” including those not entered in the classified part of the directory.

An excellent tool for tracing family members, and others, living in Saskatoon in 1944.

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