History of Leeds & Grenville from 1749 to 1879. Author: Thaddeus W. H. Leavitt (by Download)


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The author of this book, Thaddeus W. H. Leavitt declares himself to be a newspaper editor by profession, and it seems fairly clear that a good portion of the content of this book has been gleaned from the archives of the newspaper he sites as sources. Not to say that this is simply a reprint of old newspaper articles. Thaddeus has carefully arranged and assembled an amazingly detailed account of the early days of these United Counties of Leeds & Grenville. And then to add personality he has embellished it with biographical sketches of many of the pioneers and outstanding citizens. As if this were not enough he has then gone on to add 76 pages carrying wonderful lithographs of contemporary residences, factories, farms, schools, churches and other places of interest as well as portraits of many of the people mentioned in the book.

Altogether this is a resource that no student of the history of the Leeds and Grenville can be without.

Are you perhaps looking for an ancestor who settled in the Leeds & Grenville area? The book contains table after table showing the land grants (patents) made to settlers - including United Empire Loyalists - mostly for the period up to the end of 1802 but also, in a few locations, for other periods in the early 1800's.

Perhaps your ancestor took some sort of a role in the public life of the area? Was he a councillor, a judge, a warden, a minister? If so he was probably mentioned. Even just being amongst the early settlers seems to have been a sufficient qualification for their name to have been recorded. And then add to this the 270 odd biographical sketches of families and individuals. Frequently, in this type of publication, these sketches were included as a 'reward for sponsoring the books publication, but there are indications in this book that at least some of the sketches have been originated by the author from information available to him.

We have provided a freely downloadable sampler of this great book on our Downloads page (as CA0181), including the several pages of contents, which lists the names of all the subjects of these biographical sketches.

This history covers the entire area of the United Counties, and even extends slightly beyond in places. The Table of Contents in the freely downloadable sampler also lists the names of many of the places specifically discussed in the book.

The entire text of this book is computer searchable.

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