Papers & Records Vol. I (1899), Ontario Historical Society


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This is a complete reproduction of the papers presented to the Ontario Historical Society in its formation year (1899.) These annual publications are often a gold mine of valuable genealogy and history information but it can be difficult to recognize because it tends to be “hidden” within the overall “Papers and Records” volume title. For this reason we have also published most of the individual papers presented herein as “Gleanings” under more descriptive titles. The following is a list of the contents of this volume and for further descriptions of those papers noted as being published as Gleanings we suggest you consult our Catalogue’s Gleanings descriptions.

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Introductory p3

Ontario Historical Society (Formation) CAG037

Rev. John Langhorn—Personal Note CAG038 / 039 / 040

Marriage Record of Rev. John Langhorn, No. 1- CAG038

Rev. G. O'Kill Stuart's Register at St. John's Church, Bath CAG038

Marriage Register of St. John's Church, Ernest Town, No. 2 CAG038

Langhorn's Book No. 3 CAG038

In the Parish Register of St. George, Kingston CAG038 / 40

A Register of Baptisms for the Township of Fredericksburgh CAG039

Rev. John Langhorn's Records, 1787-1813—Burials CAG040

Rev. John Langhorn Register of St. Paul's Church,

Fredericksburgh CAG038

Rev. Robert McDowall—Personal Note CAG041 / 42

McDowall Marriage Register CAG041

A Register of Baptisms by the Rev. Robert McDowall CAG042

Marriage Register of Stephen Conger, J.P., Hallowell CAG043

Some Descendants of Joseph Brant CAG044

Remarks on the Maps from St. Regis to Sault Ste. Marie CAG045

Sketch of Peter Teeple, Loyalist and Pioneer, 1762-1847 CAG046

The Cameron Rolls, 1812 CAG047

The Talbot Settlement and Buffalo in 1816 p139

The “Introductory” - p3 - is a short note by the “Editorial Committee” introducing the publication and explaining the background to some of the content.

The “The Talbot Settlement and Buffalo in 1816” - p139 - is a reprint of a personal letter from an early settler to his brother.

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