Papers & Records Vol. XII (1914), Ontario Historical Society


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This is a complete reproduction of the papers presented to the Ontario Historical Society in its 12th report (1914.) These annual publications are often a gold mine of valuable genealogical and history information but it can be difficult to recognize because it tends to be “hidden” within the overall “Papers and Records” volume title. For this reason we have also published many of the individual papers presented herein as “Gleanings,” under their more descriptive individual titles. The contents of this volume also show some thematic relationships so we are also releasing this complete reproduction. The following is a list of the titles of the contents of this volume. For further descriptions of those papers noted as being published as Gleanings we suggest you consult our Catalogue’s Gleanings descriptions.

Contents:: . . . Page or Gleaning ref.

The Toon O' Maxwell—An Owen Settlement in Lambton County, Ont.: . . . CAG052

The U. E. Loyalists of the old Johnstown District.: . . . CAG053

The Local History of the Town of Brockville.: . . . CAG054

The War of 1812-15.: . . . CAG055

Reminiscences of the First Settlers in the County of Brant.: . . . CAG056

The Past and Present Fortifications at Kingston,: . . . CAG057

Reminiscences of earlier years in Brant.: . . . CAG058

Capt. Joseph Brant’s Status as a Chief, and some of His Descendants.: . . . CAG059

Chief Smoke Johnson.: . . . CAG060

Influence of the War of 1812 upon the Settlement of the Canadian West.: . . . CAG061

History of the Hospital, Penetanguishene.: . . . CAG062

The history of the American Indians in Relation to Health.: . . . p 128

Feudalism in Upper Canada, 1823 - 1843 (McNab Township, Renfrew Co.): . . . CAG063

Bush Life in the Ottawa Valley.: . . . CAG064

The Peter Perry Election and the rise of the Clear grit party: . . . p 164

David Zeisberger and his Delaware Indians: . . . CAG065

Tribal Divisions of the Indians of Ontario: . . . CAG066

Bear Customs of the Crees and other Indians.: . . . p 203

An Introductory Enquiry in the Study of the Ojibwa Religion.: . . . p 210

A Noted Anthropologist (Dr. A. F. Chamberlain).: . . . CAG067

Note: Dr. A. F. Chamberlain, subject of CAG067 is the author of CAG066, Tribal Divisions of the Indians of Ontario.

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