Sketches of some Early Shefford Pioneers


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Although this book was primarily intended as a set of background notes to ten portraits which were to be presented to the Waterloo Public Library by George G. Foster, Esq., K.C., it exceeds that relatively humble purpose by a great deal. The subjects of the portraits were all men who had had a significant role in the formation and development of the Eastern Townships of Quebec and of Shefford County in particular. Mr. Noyes has provided us with well researched and in many cases extremely detailed biographies of the subjects and in doing so has explained and highlighted much of the history of Shefford, the Eastern Townships and, to some extent, the whole of Canada.

As an example, two of the subjects were heavily involved in bringing the railways to the Eastern Townships and in all the scandal and intrigue surrounding those events. Their biographies give an interesting perspective on these events given, as they are, from a very personal viewpoint. Then again two of the subjects held commissions in the local militia giving some interesting background on that aspect of the area's history.

Yes, there's a lot more to be gained from this relatively small book than just the life stories of this handful of its most prominent citizens whose names are given below:

Hon. LUCIOUS SETH HUNTINGTON - Minister of the Crown, M.P. Lawyer, Merchant, Railway man, author and poet.

ASA BELKNAP FOSTER - Railway Developer, M.P., Mayor, Col. of Militia & Farmer.

Hon. GARDNER GREEN STEVENS - Senator, M.P. & Banker.

Ven. Archdeacon DAVID LINDSAY - Minister & Missionary

Dr. STEPHEN SEWELL FOSTER - Physician and Justice of the Peace.

CHARLES ALLEN - Manufacturer

Maj. HEZEKIAH LUKE ROBINSON - Merchant & Captain of Militia


RICHARD WOODBURY LAING - Pioneering Educator, Newspaper Editor and Lawyer.

ALMUS A. KNOWLTON - Pioneering Photographer & Dental Practitioner.

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