The Talbot Settlement Centenary Celebration - 1903


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This is the Elgin Historical and Scientific Institute's record of the Centenary Celebration of the establishment of The Talbot Settlement in 1803. Although this celebration took place in 1903 the publication date of this record is 1910.

There is a description of the preparations for the celebration, including the names of those who were most visible in the organization of the event. The report goes on to describe in detail all the activities which were spread over five days from the 21 May (the actual landing day) to 25 May which was Victoria day.

The official Centenary Celebration didn't finish until June of 1903 when the Ontario History Society held its summer meeting in St. Thomas. The last two chapters in the book are a description of the events and quotes from some of the speeches made during the 2 day meeting and a republication of the Societies minutes of the meeting.

The major themes of the five day celebration in May were:

21 May: 10 a.m., Start of the celebration. 8 p.m. the traditional Banquet was held.

22 May: Empire and Education day

23 May: Pioneer Day

24 May: Centennial Sunday

25 May: Victoria Day

Our copy of this small book has been formatted for text searches using any of the freely available pdf file readers such as Adobe Reader™. This feature can be useful in finding a particular name amongst the hundreds of people mentioned for playing some part in these celebrations. The book includes many pictures taken during the parades and events as well as numerous portraits of the participants.

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