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By Nicholas Flood Davin.

Possibly the first comprehensive history of the Irishman's contribution to the establishment and development of Canada written and still today one of the standard works on the subject. This book makes an admirable attempt to capture not only the facts of the Irish contribution but also the essence of the impact the Irish character has made on the country. The author, Mr. Davin, uses a turn of phrase and vocabulary which seems a little out of place some 125+ years later and yet his meaning is still as clear and thoughtful as ever. At a first glance it might seem that the whole 690 plus page book is all text but a more detailed examination shows that the author has cleverly used poetry for his illustration and there is frequent verse interleaved with the text both to illustrate his subject and to lighten the mood.

At first I was stumped as to how to describe the range of topics discussed here but fortunately my dilemma was resolved by the book itself. In its closing pages there is the announcement of the preparation of a sister volume The Scot in Canada and it carries with it a request for the submission of: Facts regarding early settlers; Facts regarding the early growth of cities, towns and villages; Facts touching the history of Canadian merchant affairs; Facts regarding public men; Facts regarding the clergy, leading men, literary men, professors, teachers, poets, editors, &c.; Specimens of humour; and Any information not generally known, and realized that this was the same formula which had been so successfully used to compile this book of the Irishman.

Despite the author and publisher having included a 6 page table of contents and an unprecedented 23 page index there is still no way to find all the earlier and influential settlers mentioned other than by reading through the complete book. Not, that is, until we had published this version because we have made the whole book text searchable. At last, the valuable contents of this wonderful book have been fully unlocked!

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