History of Nova Scotia - 1916 Vol III (Inc. Biographies & Genealogical Records.)


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This is Vol 3 only of this famous 3 volume work but it's the one genealogists are looking for. Published in 1916 this volume is completely filled with Biographical Sketches of Representative Citizens and Genealogical Records of the Older Families. There is no indication of how the subjects were selected but there has to be a suspicion that entries were by subscription rather than by any other qualification. This could account for the wide choice of subjects to be included. Some are native Nova Scotians who have lived in the Province all their lives. Mixed in however are those born in Nova Scotia who had since ventured further west to make their way in the world as well as those born outside the province who had since adopted Nova Scotia as their home.

The subjects occupations represent a cross section of industry and trade but the common thread is that all appear to be successful and affluent and it is this one common factor which leads to the conclusion that inclusion in this volume was by subscription. Not that there were any shortage of subscribers. The biographies of almost 750 individuals and families are contained here, each identifying the subjects origins and descendants (if applicable) as well as giving details of the subjects life and current (then) circumstance.

This is a large book of 700 pages and it also contains 42 illustrations being a mixture of pictures and engravings of the subjects and of notable locations around Nova Scotia. Although there does not appear to be any order in which the biographies are recorded there is an eight page index of all the biographies so finding the relevant entry is easy. In addition we have formatted the CD copy for text searches using the Search or Find features of any of the standard freely available PDF file readers. We recommend the use of Adobe Reader™ version 4 or better, for maximum compatibility.

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