New Brunswick in the 1940's - a compilation of a telephone directory and an historical guide


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On this CD we are giving you complete copies of two useful books from the 1940's. The first is the Telephone directory for Western New Brunswick for July 1947, one of the few available resources for finding people living in the area between one and two generations ago.

The other is An Historical Guide to New Brunswick and was published as an incentive to tourist travel in 1942. The thing to do while vacationing in the 1940's was to see the sights and this mostly involved visiting the historic sights and buildings of the area. There is still an echo of this in the activities of todays vacationer but the tourist trade today relies more on enjoying some modern entertainment which happens to take place at an historic site rather than just going there to visit the stones. This guide then was provided by the New Brunswick Government Bureau of Information and Tourist Travel, in 1942, for the potential tourist so he would know where to go and what to look for when he got there. Liberally illustrated with maps, and photographs of the spots of interest, today it provides us with a, not to strenuous, history of New Brunswick, indexed by the places where the events which shaped the province took place.

The Telephone Directory is quite a normal household directory, giving name, address and phone number, and was provided to its subscribers by the New Brunswick Telephone Company, Limited, of Fredericton. It provides 112 pages of listings for private and commercial subscribers on 35 exchanges, 2 of which were actually in Maine, USA, and 5 of which were owned and operated by other Canadian telephone companies. The full list of exchanges is too long to print here but we have provided a sampler of the CD on the free Downloads page on our web site which includes the page listing the exchanges so you can see them just as they were originally printed. Major exchanges are Fredericton, Edmunston, and Woodstock.

In addition to the regular subscribers directory there is also a 26 page Classified Directory (a Yellow Pages) giving a listing of thousands of local businesses, tradesmen, and professionals - we estimate over a hundred listings per page.

Both the Telephone Directory and the Historical Guide are fully text searchable and we have optimized the search speed by enabling our FastFind enhancement on the CD.

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