The Parish Register of Kingston Upper Canada, Edited, Notes & Intro. by A. H. Young (on CD)


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This is a complete copy of Prof. Young's original 1921 publication, not just a transcription of the entries for births, marriages and funerals. As well as an exact copy of this important genealogy data AND all of Prof. Young's extensive explanatory and interpretation notes on the registrations, there is a long introduction telling the story of the establishment of the Church of England in Upper Canada and, in particular, that of Dr. John Stewart, the first rector. This naturally also leads to the story of the establishment of the first church, St. George's. Most, if not all of those involved in establishing the church are mentioned by name, notes being provided describing the contributions of the First Benefactors.

Of course the primary value of this book is that it contains a transcript of the first church records kept in the (now) province of Ontario. To paraphrase Prof. Young's own introduction, The Parish Register of Kingston kept by the Revd. John Stuart covers the years 1785 to 1811, the whole period of his rectorship. Defective though it is in places, by reason of the loss of two pages and the forgetfulness of the Rector in the matter of transcribing entries from the notebooks in which he made them originally, the Register is still intensely interesting. Not only was it the first such register to be kept in Upper Canada, but it recorded in large numbers the names of inhabitants of the Province other than those whose domicile was in Kingston, the Rector, as a missionary and as Bishop's Official, traveling up and down between Point au Bodet and the Onondaga reserve on the Grand River, to preach and baptize, to perform marriages and bury the dead.

In addition to all this, the book also contains two maps of the city of Kingston in 1875. One is a detail map showing the area around the military establishment while the other covers an area of 6 miles by 6 miles the bottom edge of the map showing the shoreline of the St. Lawrence. The holders names are inscribed in the lots shown on both maps but those on the more detailed city center map are, unfortunately, largely illegible. We have done what we can to enhance the image and it may be possible to interpret the names if you know what you are looking for. The larger scale map is fully legible.

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A PRIME genealogical source from the early days of Upper Canada.

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