Armory and Lineages of Canada - 1914 (Editor: Herbert George Todd )


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Credited to Herbert George Todd as Editor, this book declares itself to be, “Comprising the Lineage of Prominent and Pioneer Canadians with Descriptions and Illustrations of their Coat Armor, Orders of Knighthood, or other Official Insignia.”

To extract a quote from the book’s Preface; “The purpose of this work is to give a short sketch of the lineage of prominent persons in Canada to-day, with notes of anything of interest or importance regarding any ancestor, and especially to record, briefly but permanently, the achievements of those who, having served their country with distinction, have passed away, but whose names should not be dropped or their deeds forgotten, as is necessarily the case in reference works the scope of which is limited to the living.”

Clearly, the author was planning on this becoming an ongoing project. This 1914 version seems to be the 2nd or 3rd edition, the first edition being in 1913, and includes about 30% additional material (by the page count). There are records of several further publications up to 1919, but with lesser growth in content. It can be speculated that the impact of the Great War, and particularly the change in the long established social order in British society, reduced the public interest in this type of publication. Fortunately, a few copies of this book have survived to carry forward these records of their families to their descendants today.

Following is a listing of the families whose lineage and arms are recorded, and also of an Appendix which provides illustrations and descriptions of coats of arms of significant institutions, such as Canadian Provinces, and holders of “High Office,” and of “leading” Families and Individuals.

Prominent Family Members, Arms and Genealogies

Baker of Montreal ; Brymner of Montreal ; Buchanan of Montreal ; Cassels of Ottawa ; Chadwick of Toronto ; Cockshutt of Brantford ; Connaught, H. R. H., Duke of ; Fleming, Sir Sanford ; Gibson ; Grant, Sir James A. ; Hamilton, Archbishop ; Hamilton of Hamwood, Quebec ; Henderson of Montreal ; Hopkins of Toronto ; Innes ; Irving, Sir AEmilius, ; Irwin of Ottawa ; Jarvis of Toronto ; Kerr of Toronto ; Kirkpatrick, Sir George Airey ; Leckie ; Travers-Lewis, of Ottawa ; Matheson, Archbishop ; Monck, Viscount ; Montizambert of Quebec ; Neilson of Neilsonville, Quebec ; Otter, Major General Sir William Dillon ; Paxton ; Pellatt of Toronto ; Powell ; Rutherfurd of that Ilk (i.e., of Rutherfurd) ; St. John of Orillia ; Strathearn, H. R. H., Duke of ; Strathcona and Mount Royal, Baron ; Todd of Ottawa ; Vaux of Brockville ; Woodruff of St. Catharines

Coats-of-Arms only (Appendix)

Alberta ; British Columbia ; Cabot, John and Sebastian ; Cadillac, Antoine de la Mothe, founder of Detroit ; Canada, Dominion of ; Coutley, Chevalier Rene, ancestor of the Coutlee family ; Frontenac, Conte de, Governor of Canada ; Le Moine, Jean Baptiste, Sieur de Bienville, ; de Lussault, Lieut. Gen. Guast, Acadia, 1603 ; Manitoba ; Montcalm, Marquis de ; New Brunswick ; Nova Scotia ; Ontario ; Quebec ; du Quesne, Marquis ; La Salle, Robert Cavalier, Sieur de ; Saskatchewan ; Vaudreuil, Marquis de ; Ventadour, Duc de ; Wolfe, Maj. Gen. James.

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