Stoddard's Lectures - Canada, Malta & Gibraltar (Suplimentary Vol.2 of 15 Vol.) - 1902


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John L. Stoddard was an American gentleman Victorian adventurer who explored the world and brought his tales and pictures back to an audience of Victorian town dwellers eager to share his “wild” experiences. One of the pioneers of photography, every page is illustrated with at least one of his remarkable pictures.

Despite his Victorian heritage Mr. Stoddard’s written style remains very readable and could easily be mistaken for the writing of a contemporary author were it not that the subject had undergone such profound change since his time.

The two combined lectures on Canada occupy 240 pages, Malta 58 pages while Gibraltar is covered in 30 pages. The index is based on place names and major topics while the list of illustrations is in order of appearance but each entry is usually started with a place name. The book's text is fully computer searchable.

A wonderful living image of Canada, Malta and Gibraltar at the turn of the last century. Approximately 400 photographs. This is a reproduction of the 1911 edition and so includes a number of colorized plates.

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