The Civil Service List of Quebec 1853 and Canada 1872 & 1894


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These are dis-bound sections of an annual set of session papers which record the staff of the Canadian (only for Quebec in the 1853 report) Civil Service during that year.

The listing of the Civil Service staff varies in format from report to report. All of them give the officer's name, rank, department, salary and the date of their appointment. The 1872 report also include their origin and creed while the 1852 Quebec report also includes notes about the department and some of the employees.

Nor was government employment limited to clerical tasks in those days. The lists include such positions as lock keepers, the entire North-West mounted Police Force (1894) as well as workers in the government run railways. There are also, of course, lists of clerical staff for the various levels of government, tax collectors and postal workers to mention but a few

We selected these three reports at approximately 20 year intervals to give you the best chance of finding your ancestor if he worked for the government through this period.

There are thousands of Civil Servants listed in these reports and the largest, the 1894 report includes an alphabetical index.

If an ancestor was working for the government in this period they are going to be listed here.

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