Annual Report of St. Paul’s Church Hamilton Ontario, 1905 - 1939


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This is a collection of annual reports about the activities of one of Hamilton’s major presbyterian churches. The first is for the year 1905, the last for the year 1939 and identifies itself as the 67th annual report and the 106th in the history of the congregation. The only missing years in the series are 1918, 1925 and 1932.

Of great interest to genealogists is the “Communion and Pew Roll” and the “Sunday School and Bible list” which gives the names and address of the parishioners, and their children, regularly attending the church. It is published in each report and gives the names and addresses of up to 1200 parishioners depending on the year.

As well as containing the names and officies of all the church officials the report is made up of a series of summary reports, by activity and by account, of the various committees and associations working in and from the community. For instance there is always a report on the Chinese class, in the earlier reports, which raised funds to be sent to the South China mission as well as teaching the Chinese language.

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