Stewart's Handbook of the Pacific Islands (Set 1) - Percy S. Allen


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If the history of the Pacific Islands and its social history in the 1920s is of interest to you - why not buy both the 'Stewart's Handbook 1921' and the 'Stewart's Handbook 1922' together on the one CD, a total of 1176 pages, for a very special price.

Stewart's Handbook was written by Percy S. Allen and was revised annually. Each year contains a comprehensive account of all of the Pacific Islands.

Each book is divided into islands owned by New Zealand, France, Britain, the United States of America, and Australia. It is then divided into separate island groups. Information on each group of islands gives a comprehensive history and geography of each island. This is often accompanied by information on government officials, trade statistics, churches, business, shipping, population, customs and tariffs, exports and lists of residents. It includes a map detailing the entire Pacific.

These books are a complete resource for those interested in the history of the Pacific Islands.

These titles can also be ordered individually:

AU9110-1921 Stewart's Handbook of the Pacific Islands 1921

AU9110-1922 Stewart's Handbook of the Pacific Islands 1922

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