Calendar of the University of Tasmania 1916-17


Cat No.:   AU6120-1916:

Old university calendars contain a wealth of information on people associated with the university as well as an insight into the courses of study offered and university life and culture generally. And this CD which is searchable on any name, subject or word you desire will open up access to much of this information that you may not have considered or found convenient to access in the past.

A sampling of the information on this CD:

information on numerous people associated with the University from its foundation

- officers of the university (past and present)

- professors and lecturers

- members of the university

- graduates - past and present - with degrees awarded and year of graduation

- matriculated students

- scholarships, prizes etc

- donors of prizes etc.

- benefactions and donations

Examination results 1911-1915 - with details of subjects passed and pass level for each student and each year

Records of the Honours Examination with detailed results from 1900

Junior and Senior Public Examination results - pass list 1915 - with school, subject passed and pass level

List of all candidates who passed the senior public examination in previous years

bibliographical record - publications of members of faculty since their first appointments

courses - subjects and details, recommended books, timetables, examination subjects and fees

various reports


If anyone in your family had association with the University up to 1916 as student, faculty, member or donor then this CD will be of interest.

The whole 310 page volume is searchable on any word

High quality scanned images of the whole of the original book.

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