South Australian Almanac and Directory 1865 (Boothby)


Cat No.:   AU5115-1865:

(449 pages)

Author: J. Boothby

Year: (1865)


This detailed directory and almanac of nearly 450 pages includes much fascinating information.


Divided into various sections this book begins with an index for the almanac section, followed by two calendars, one for farmers, and another of 'remarkable days', with a noted event written for every day of the year. Statistics such as population, immigration and BDM's are included here. 

The second part contains the Government and Official Directory followed by the Ecclesiastical, Municipal and Societies Directory, the Mercantile Directory and the Trades index.

The major part of this publication is the Town and Country Directory listing residents town by town, together with their occupation and address. The final section is 100 pages of advertisements, many of which are illustrated.

A wealth of information all packed onto one fully searchable CD.

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