South Australian Almanac and Directory 1864 (Boothby)


Cat No.:   AU5115-1864:

(488 pages)

Author: J. Boothby

Year: (1864)


Almanacs and directories are a valuable resource for local, family and social historians as well as for researchers in other fields of Australian history.


This volume is divided into various sections, the first being the almanac which includes a calendar for the year, gardening advice, climate and geographical information, statistics relating to South Australia and more. The next includes numerous small directories covering government organisations, banks, mercantile, customs and shipping departments, companies, societies etc, Masonic Lodges and Friendly Societies.

The major directory which consists of over 110 pages, firstly lists residents in Adelaide and suburbs together with their address and occupation. This is then followed by country regions. It concludes with 150 pages of advertisements, which give you an insight into life in this time.

A wealth of information is packed into this volume.

High quality scanned images of the whole of the original book. This CD has been bookmarked for easy navigation, and pages can be searched, browsed, enlarged and printed out if required.

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