South Australian Police Gazette 1906


Cat No.:   AU5103-1906:

No of pages in original: 317pp

Year published: (1906)


Are you looking for your family in South Australia? Have you thought of looking in the Police Gazettes? A valuable record, they are a source of information which cannot be found anywhere else.


Compiled to be distributed amongst the Police Force only, you will find details of any changes within the police force such as promotions, demotions, resignations, dismissals, deaths etc. Information is also given on rewards, housebreak-ins, robberies, arson, murders, lost horses and cattle, deserters, escaped prisoners, missing friends, lost or stolen items, reports on those apprehended and released, and so much more. Notices from interstate police gazettes are sometimes included.

Example entry taken from the 3 January 1906 issue:

Escaped Prisoners

Western Australia - On November 30, 1905, Thomas Cavanagh and William Slee (alias Leslie Griffiths), prisoners service sentences in the Rottnest Prison, W.A., for housebreaking, escaped from that institution, and have not been recaptured; and on the same date John Higgins (alias Daniel Carter, alias John Hughes), a prisoner serving a sentence for stealing in a dwelling, escaped from the Fremantle Gaol, Western Australia. Descriptions:- Cavanagh - A native of Victoria, age 28 years, a labourer, height 5ft. 7 1/4in., weight 148lbs, medium build, light-brown hair, dark-grey eyes, fresh complexion, scar outside right forearm, scar between eyes, mole back of neck, mole between shoulders, two scars left side of head, small scar left kneecap, two scars left shin, small scar right kneecap. Slee - An engineer, England, age 47 years, height 5ft. 10 1/4in., stout build, light-brown hair, grey eyes, fair eyebrows, fair beard (going grey), full face, fresh complexion, first joint of right middle and little fingers broken, scar left thumb, scar inside right wrist, scar under left breast, scar on right shoulder, part of top of right ear missing, mole right jaw, two scars inside left shin. Higgins - A labourer, Victoria, age 30 years, height 5ft. 5 1/2in., weight 122lbs., slight build, dark-brown hair, grey eyes, dark complexion, blue mark on forehead over left eye and on bridge of nose, scar right cheekbone, right middle finger out of joint. - (C.2476.)

This is a valuable South Australian resource that is now available for all that is not only easy to use, but it is also very affordable.

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