Birdwood High School Magazine Compendium 1931-2006


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No of pages in original: 4157pp

Year published: (1931-2006)


Do you remember when...


The first class graduated?

The new library was built?

We went on the first excursion to Bright?

The new principal started?

We had Theatre Nights?

We won the interschool cricket?


A compilation of Birdwood High School year books from 1931 through to 2006 in one set as well as Reg Butlers book Birdwood High School 1931-1981, a history of the school published for the schools Jubilee.

Reminisce over old times at school, the fun times, the great friends, the hard work, the trying times, the successes. Browse through the magazines at photo’s of your class mates, art work, portraits of teachers, poetry, sports reports, group photos of the school cricket team, or tennis team, excursion reports, stories and much much more.

Read and browse Reg Butlers history, and find out things about the school you never new. Read about its origins, it’s development and momentous events during 1931-1981.


Search the whole period for friends and family members who went to the School between 1931-2006.

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